Carole Smadja, PhD
permanent researcher
Montpellier, France

Review articles

Smadja C and Butlin RK. 2011. A framework for comparing processes of speciation in the presence of gene flow. Molecular Ecology 20(24):5123.PDF

Stapley et al (incl. Smadja C). 2010. Adaptation genomics: the next generation.Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 25(12):705. PDF

Smadja C and Butlin RK. 2009. On the scent of speciation : the chemosensory system and its role in premating isolation. Special issue «Genetics of speciation ». Heredity 102(1):77-97. PDF.

Recent news

Postdoc and PhD positions: apply now!

Master and PhD research projects: Students interested in research on speciation and the genomics of speciation should contact me to discuss possible projects and funding opportunities.

Postdoc opportunities: Several international funding bodies (Marie Curie, Human Frontiers, EMBO, AXA) provide fellowships for young researchers who wish to conduct a postdoc in France and in this international centre for research in Evolutionary Biology in Montpellier, South of France. If you are interested in applying and your research interests are broadly similar to mine, contact me


Publication news:

Duvaux L, Geissmann Q, Gharbi K, Zhou JJ, Ferrari J*, Smadja CM* and Butlin RK*. 2014. Dynamics of copy number variation in host races of the pea aphid. Molecular Biology and Evolution. Accepted (* co-last authors).

Peccoud J, de la Huerta M, Bonhomme J, Laurence C, Outreman Y, Smadja CM and Simon JC. 2014. Widespread ecological hybrid unfitness in the pea aphid species complex. Evolution. In press.

Latour Y, Perriat-Sanguinet M, Caminade P, Boursot P, Smadja CM and Ganem G. 2014. Sexual selection against natural hybrids: a barrier to gene flow in a house mouse hybrid zone? Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B. 281 (1776): 20132733

Badouin H, Belkhir K, Gregson E, Galindo J, Sundström L, Martin SJ, Butlin RK and Smadja CM. 2013. Transcriptome characterisation of the ant Formica exsecta with new insights into the evolution of desaturase genes in social hymenoptera. PloS ONE 8 (7): e68200.

The FroSpects Gregynog Workshop (incl. Smadja CM). 2013. Hybridization and speciation. Target review. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 26(2):229-246. PDF

Smadja CM, Canbäck B, Vitalis R, Gautier M, Ferrari J, Zhou JJ and Butlin RK. 2012. Large-scale candidate gene scan reveals the role of chemoreceptor genes in host plant specialisation and speciation in the pea aphid. Evolution 66(9):2723-2738. PDF

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Phone: +33 (0) 467 14 92 70

Mailing address: Institute of Evolutionary Sciences (ISEM). cc065. University of Montpellier. 34095 Montpellier, France

Visiting address: Building 22, 1st floor, Room 4



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